C2H Piping Services supplies specialist Polyethylene fittings for the gas, water, civil, mining and power industries. Delivering high quality, Australian accredited fittings for polyethylene piping systems used in the transportation of water, sewerage, gas and chemicals. C2H Piping Services promote the world’s most comprehensive range of Electrofusion and Spigot fittings. We also have available a large variety of Galvanised backing rings and Stainless steel backing rings ready for when you need it. C2H Piping Services is also an approved distributer of equipment for Electrofusion and Butt Fusion Welding and Ancillary tools.

If you cannot find the size or configuration of fitting you are looking for, please call us. With access to our unrivalled international network of manufacturers and suppliers, we can normally obtain whatever you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Manager | Dale Stephan
M | 0417 774 017