Equipment Hire

Electrofusion Equipment, Butt Welding Equipment, and More for Hire across Queensland

Get the equipment you need for hire - from butt welding equipment to hot tapping tools, and everything in between - wherever you are in Brisbane, Mackay, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Townsville and beyond.

To secure the right result for your project, you need to begin with the right equipment. Without a high-quality array of tools and equipment pieces at your disposal, it is going to be almost impossible to achieve the outcomes you have in mind.

Fortunately, C2H Piping Services has a broad inventory of the equipment you need for all your piping solutions. When you come to us for hire and rental services on butt welding equipment, ancillary equipment, and more, you know that you are working with the very best.

Equipment Hire from C2H Piping Services

While clients tend to prefer the specialist services of the C2H team of experts, equipment and plant hire from our inventory is still a popular choice among our customers. This is thanks to the diverse nature of the pieces we have available and in stock to assist on an array of piping services, as well as the thorough quality control and assessment checks that all of these pieces undergo.

We provide equipment hire across the following ranges;

  • Electrofusion Equipment
  • Butt Welding Equipment
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Speciality Equipment

If you can't find the piece of equipment you need for your specific job, get in touch. As well as hot tapping tools and other pieces of electrofusion equipment, we can try to source the tools and equipment you need for hire.

    This is part of our commitment to going the extra mile for our customers. Get in touch today to discover more.

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      Why Clients Come to Us for Equipment Rental

      Our clients keep on coming back to C2H Piping Services, repeatedly hiring our equipment pieces for their projects.

      Commitment to safety and quality

      All of our piping tools and equipment is tested and assessed on a regular basis, ensuring that you receive supreme levels of peace of mind in terms of safety and quality. No project should have to compromise on either of these elements, and we make sure you don't have to.

      Extensive inventory and scope

      Whatever your project, wherever you are in Queensland, we have the inventory and scope to give you what you need, where and when you need it.

      Warm, friendly, expert teams

      Our team know the industry inside out, and deliver their expertise with the kind of warmth, friendliness, and commitment that clients have come to expect from C2H Piping Services.

      Client-oriented policies

      Our policies are geared towards your project and your desired outcomes. Let us know what you need and then let us make this happen.

      Contact C2H Piping Services for Piping Equipment

      With depots in Brisbane, Mt Isa and Mackay, we can provide the right equipment for your project across Queensland. We continually strive to go the extra mile for our customers so get in touch today and get a quote for your project.

      For a full scope of HDPE piping solutions, contact us today for trusted and reliable service.

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