Electrofusion Equipment

From Electrofusion Fittings to Welding Machines Across the Mackay Region

If you are looking for electrofusion fittings and welding machines for hire in Mackay or the surrounding area, you came to the right place. Speak to the C2H Piping Services team today and get your quote

Electrofusion provides sturdy and reliable results to your piping project and is an efficient and effective means of welding different components together. But to get the very best outcomes, you need the very best tools and equipment pieces.

This is where C2H, and our diverse range of electrofusion equipment for hire, provides a huge advantage. We stock a broad range of different pieces and fittings, each designed to make life easier for you as you seek to get the best from your project.

Read on to discover more, or get in touch to get a quote today.

Electrofusion Equipment for Hire

In many cases, clients will come to us in search of expertise and assistance, enlisting our expert teams to work on their projects for them. However, we also provide equipment for hire to clients across the region - equipment which is of a supreme level of quality.

Our range includes electrofusion welding machines, and electrofusion fittings to help you achieve the very best from your project.

We promote the Fusion Electrofusion SBOX range of electrofusion welding machines. A lightweight design and intuitive controls make this a popular and easy to use unit, but one which does not compromise on results.

    You will find the SBOX-LITE and SBOX-MAX in our range, and full support is available across all of our service areas.

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      We can help you find the right electrofusion equipment for your piping project

      Remember, we are a firm focused on achieving the right results for our clients. This means, if you can't find what you need in our range, we will do our best to source this for you, providing the same high levels of support and assistance you would expect on any of our products. Get in touch today and get a quote.

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