Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping and Pressure Tapping Services in Mackay, Brisbane and Mt Isa.

When you need hot tap and stopple services in Mackay or live tap water main services in Mt Isa, it is time to call the C2H Piping Services team.

The technical services offered by the C2H team are the most popular of our capabilities. Our expert staff members have considerable experience in achieving high-quality results from hot tapping, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is being taken care of.

We can install additional branch lines and components, commissioning these onto existing live sets in a manner which is both safe and reliable. C2H Piping Services are committed to safe processes of small and large pressure tapping services, and this is exactly what we provide.

Hot Tapping Services in Mackay, Mount Isa and Brisbane

Hot tapping services must only be undertaken by an expert, qualified team. The procedure involves a branch connection and the installation of a valve outside of an operational pipeline. As such, there is a significant danger involved in the process, and Queensland regulations state that only highly qualified technicians are permitted to handle this duty.

Whether you are in Mackay, Brisbane or Mount Isa, or in Rockhampton or Townsville, C2H Piping Services represent your expert choice for these services. We can handle hot tapping procedures, pressure tapping services, live tap water main procedures, and hot tap and stopple services, using only the most effective methods and equipment which is regularly checked and assessed.

This means, when you work with us, you experience the peace of mind which comes from knowing everything is being taken care of and receive outcomes that go above and beyond your expectations.

C2H Piping Service - hot tapping

Call C2H Piping Services Today for Hot Tapping Services

Hot tapping can be damaging to pipelines if it’s not done right. C2H Piping Services have a team of experts that know the hot tapping procedure like no other in the industry. We have depots in Brisbane, Mackay and Mt Isa where we service the whole of Queensland.

For a full scope of HDPE piping solutions, contact us today for trusted and reliable service.

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