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Butt Welding, Pipe Welding, and More in Brisbane, Mackay and Townsville

From electrofusion welding to pipeline welding services and beyond, the C2H team has got you covered.

When clients connect with our services in Brisbane, Mackay, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Townsville, or any other location in Queensland, they know that they are connecting with the very best.

With a skilled and expert team, we go above and beyond client expectations in terms of electrofusion welding, butt fusion, and much more. Supreme quality results are not difficult to achieve when you enlist C2H Piping Services.

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Poly Welding Services We Offer

Electrofusion Welding

With poly electrofusion from C2H Piping Services, you can achieve exceptional results on your on-site fabrication project, even in tight areas or adverse conditions. The equipment we use is well maintained, properly calibrated, and regularly checked to ensure the highest capabilities for your team.

Butt Welding

Poly butt-welding or butt fusion is perhaps the most efficient method of PE pipe fusion. Our teams utilise the highest quality pieces of equipment and draw upon high-level skills as they work to go beyond client expectations.

All of our team members hold current industry qualifications, and our processes undergo regular internal auditing, meaning that the service you receive is guaranteed as being at the highest standard.


Poly prefabrication supports quick and efficient installation, with minimal downtime and no loss of project momentum. Our expert teams assemble these components off-site, delivering complete assemblies to the relevant construction site in Queensland.

When you order prefabricated work in this way, the delivered item comes with full traceability and quality assurance guarantees. Get in touch to get a quote for any of our fusion or butt-welding services.

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