Specialty Equipment

Providing Squeeze Off Tools and More in the Mackay, Mount Isa and Brisbane Regions

Connecting you with a range of specialty equipment - including live installation drills and pipe squeeze off tools. This is the comprehensive C2H advantage.

At C2H Piping Services, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge and expertise. With this in mind, we have created a complete set of equipment hire services, designed to give you everything you need to complete even the most demanding of projects.

This means, as well as providing more commonly used equipment pieces for our valued customers, we are also committed to going the extra mile, providing speciality equipment hire alongside this.

Whether you are in Mackay, Brisbane, Mount Isa, Townsville, Rockhampton, or in another area of Queensland, you will be able to connect with the full benefit of these hire services. Get in touch today to find out more, or to get a quote.

Specialty Equipment Hire Services

The specialty inventory includes the following pieces of equipment for hire;

  • Live installation drill
  • Hot tapping drill
  • General pipe squeeze off tools
  • Squeeze off tools for poly pipe
  • PE pipe squeeze off tools
  • HDPE squeeze off tools

    Remember that our services are all geared towards client satisfaction and the right outcomes for our customers. This means that we are willing to work with you to help you source what you need.

    Why Do Clients Choose C2H?

    There are many reasons why clients keep on coming back to C2H Piping Services. Here are a few;

    • Support and assistance for clients which is second to none in the market
    • Ability to provide PE, poly and HDPE pipe squeeze off tools to Brisbane, Mackay, Mount Isa, Rockhampton and Townsville regions
    • Safety and quality standards which are unrivalled
    • Comprehensive speciality inventory and sourcing capabilities
    • Teams of staff who you can rely upon to deliver what you need

    Contact C2H Piping for Hot Tapping Tools to Pipe Squeeze Off Tools

    Don’t delay your piping project any longer, if you need live installation drilling or pipe squeezing done contact our team today for an obligation free quote.

    For a full scope of HDPE piping solutions, contact us today for trusted and reliable service.

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